What is the Rise Up Challenge?

The Rise Up Challenge (RUC); which stands for Resistance, Integrity, Strength and Endurance, is a one of a kind event in the heart of the city, pairing obstacle course racing (OCR), trail running and a dash of orienteering to create a unique experience. RUC will play off your physical and mental strengths (and weaknesses) to help redefine your limits and push you to new heights! Each event focuses on utilizing the obstacles and roadblocks found within the city and the surrounding environment to not only challenge you individually, but in some cases, require you to work together to succeed.

Each event is 10 – 15 Miles in length and may have 15 – 25 challenges along the way. By challenges, we don’t mean scaling an 8’ wall, crawling under barbwire, and alike that you may be able to overcome in a heartbeat, we focus on creating challenges that harness nature and the elements to create tough roadblocks that may require you to grind it out for 1, 5, 15+ minutes until you’ve succeeded. To complete RUC, you’ll need to come to the start line with grit, determination and persistence. It’s not about how fast you finish, but how you finish, that matters.

By popular demand, this year we will be introducing RUC: Shorty in to each of our events. Shorty is a smaller version of ourcourse, built inside RUC’s main event. Shorty is meant to give those that are new to OCR or are used to doing 5 – 10 Km courses, a taste of Rise Up Challenge, and the challenges they may face on a full size course. Each Shorty will range between 5 – 8 Miles and will have 10+ roadblocks scattered along the way.

When Rise Up Challenge was first started, we aimed to achieve two goals. 

One, was to help people reconnect with nature and rediscover how much fun they used to have “playing” outside when they were young. (as adults, we would call it “working out”) In doing so, they would not only see the beauty hidden throughout the city, but hopefully discover that the only “gym” they need, is the outdoors.

The second, was to create a challenge that pushed individuals past their perceived limits, and help them discover what they are truly capable of when they have the will and determination to keep trying and never give up. The roadblocks we set out on the course for them are tough, but when they cross the finish line, the result is nothing but positive.

At RUC we’re all about building a community and family for athletes and weekend warriors to challenge themselves and form bonds with other like-minded individuals. We do this in two ways. Online through our website, eNewsletters and our Facebook group where people can connect and receive an inside look at RUC races, details on our FREE workout sessions (Flash Challenges), training tips, deals from our partners, and to meet passionate people who have competed in past races or are training towards it.

We also connect offline, spreading the word of RUC throughout the city and by hosting our free workout sessions, known as Flash challenges. At our flash challenges individuals both familiar and new to RUC are invited to come out to local parks throughout the city to workout with the owners of RUC. At these workouts, people will experience some of the challenges that they may face at our events, to help them prepare for our races.

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